How It Works

Preliminary Sleep Evaluation – You fill out a questionnaire that will give me insight into you family’s sleep issues and I create a customized sleep plan made just for you.

Consultation – During a 60 minute private consultation (virtual or in person) we will go over the plan and cover how to get started and any questions you have.

Support – I’m here to work with you throughout the whole process and ensure you have success and many sleep filled nights ahead.


What if you could rely on a full night of sleep for your entire family?

That’s where I come in… I’ll help identify and dismantle your sleep issues through a proven method that provides science-based solutions. By the time were done your sleepless nights will be a distant memory.

Ready, Set, Sleep!

Your family is expecting or you have a newborn and you want to get a head start on forming healthy sleep habits! I can show you how to best handle your newborn’s sleep from the moment your home from the hospital or birth center.

These packages are designed to help solve any and all challenges that come up for baby’s sleep during the first 2 years. We can tackle getting you out of rocking and/or feeding to sleep, co-sleeping, ditch night wakings and how to make those daytime naps happen!

You find yourself dealing with a whole new set of bedtime dramas when it comes to a toddler or older child. I can help you navigate setting healthy boundaries, crib to bed transitions, getting them to stay in bed!

My Top 5 Sleep Tips

Looking for some quick tips on how to get your baby sleeping through the night?

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Sleep Struggles, they are real! I know, because this was me...

Overwhelmed & Overtired

You’ve scoured the internet, read the books, gotten advice from family and friends, nothing is working

Naps? What are those?

Naps are way too short or non-existent

Healthy Much?

You are concerned about how sleep affects your babies wellbeing and development

Change Your Sleep State of Mind

Rest assured that you can teach your baby to sleep through the night and regain your own sleep and sanity!

Let’s envision a world where you wake up feeling well-rested, excited to start a new day and delighted that your baby has slept through the night…

You Have Precious Time Again

The days are long gone where you are trapped by bad sleep habits and you are able to complete tasks and check off that long overdue todo list!

Happy Baby = Happy You

You start to see baby’s mood improve and you really enjoy your time together

Bedtime is the Best Time!

Now you look forward to the evening bedtime routine, it’s a cherished time to connect and nurture your baby.

Precious little newborn boy having deep sleep at day on mother chest in blue baby slim. Mom kissing baby head and feeling relaxed and delight. Family concept

This Can Be You!

Are you ready to make this vision a reality? With my help you can make this dream come true and look forward to a stress free bedtime routine free of tears and full of rest.

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