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Answers to questions you might have and what you need to know about sleep consulting before getting started.

Why work with a sleep consultant?

There is a lot of information you can gather on baby sleep! The internet, books, family and friends can provide a wealth of information and opinions. While this sounds lovely, the problem is how overwhelming it can become to formulate a plan that will work for your family. You may have found yourself attempting one method without seeing success and then every other attempt becomes that much harder. Working with someone who has seen it all and has the educational background to formulate a personalized plan and support really makes all the difference in getting the lasting results you’re seeking!

What can I expect from working with you?

Step 1 is a free sleep evaluation call. During this call we’ll discuss your family’s specific sleep issues and how my support would work best. If we decide to move forward with working together you’ll fill out a detailed Sleep Questionnaire that helps me come up with a personalized plan of action for us to execute together.

From there we will schedule a meeting (either in person or virtually) where I will go over the details of your comprehensive sleep plan and answer any questions you have. Next you will pick a date to get started and we will schedule our first follow up call. Additionally, I will get you setup with Voxer voice support (depending on the package level you choose) and my digital sleep log which allows me to track and adjust to provide support all along the way.

How long does it take before my family sees results?

Your child’s age, developmental milestones, temperament, and current sleep issues are taken into consideration to determine this. A huge part of positive results is consistency! By working together I will be there to help you stay consistent while teaching your child independent sleep skills.

Sleep success truly looks different for every family. Because of this we discuss your family’s specific needs, goals and wants. As a result I am able to provide a comprehensive, customized plan of action and help you execute it!

What about crying?

Teaching a child independent sleep skills AKA “Sleep Training” often has a negative connotation. The good news is that the experience does not have to be this way. The time it takes to foster independent sleep skills is short compared to the lifetime of healthy sleep habits you are equipping your child with. There are many gentle methods we can implement to help children learn their sleep skills. I take the time to discuss these options with you and create a plan based on your parenting style. My approach is always led with nurturing and connection at the forefront. I would never suggest that you leave your baby to cry alone or ignore them.

Does that mean your baby will not show any signs of protest or crying during the process? No. Babies and young children cry to express their emotions. Any big change is hard and will most likely result in some protest and/or tears. I am there to coach you through what to expect, teach you how to minimize crying and how to respond with reassurance while nurturing success.

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